About Us

We are Lulu Island Honey, a family of beekeepers based in Vancouver.

In 2010, Opa was turning 65 and was ready to retire. With that extra time on his hands, we needed to find him a gift that could also function as a hobby. Someone suggested a beehive. This was a completely unexpected idea...we knew nothing about beekeeping. So we purchased a small hive and a copy of Beekeeping for Dummies and he was hooked! We soon discovered that 10 year old Cole had just as much passion for beekeeping as his grandpa, so Opa went out and bought a second hive for Cole's 11th birthday. Soon little sister Courtney wanted in on the action. At first we gave honey away as gifts. When the demand exceeded supply, we knew it was time to set up as a business. We chose a name which reflects where our honey came from...our hometown of Richmond sits on Lulu Island. Today, all our hives have moved to Fraser Valley, and the harvesting is done by Opa, Oma and their two eager grandkids. The rest of us pitch in a little, too!     Click here to watch our bees and us at work!


Did you know that the colour, flavour and aroma of a honey depends on the time of year and what flowers were currently in bloom?  We have found that the colour tends to darken as the seasons progress (lighter colour and milder flavour in the spring and darker colour & stronger flavour in the fall).  We harvest in the spring, summer and fall in order to capture all the seasonal flavours of Vancouver!  Our honey is 100% raw (minimally handled) to preserve its flavour and nutrients; we don't use any additives or preservatives. 


Over time, all natural honey will solidify. However, this does not mean it has gone bad!  It's actually a sign that your honey is high quality; the healthy pollens, vitamins and enzymes have not been removed. If stored in a sealed jar, it will never expire!

We recommend storing your honey in a warm spot. Ironically, placing your jars in the freezer (not fridge) will also prevent honey from crystallizing.  It's fairly simple to turn your honey back into a smooth liquid by heating it gently. The best way to do this is by placing your glass jars in hot water and slowly letting the crystals melt. We recommend placing your jars in the kitchen sink and then filling it with boiling water (water that has been heated on the stove).  Remove the jars from their "bath" when the honey has turned to clear liquid.  The honey should stay this way for several months.